Sushi Master - Cooking story

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Prepare the best sushi and manage your restaurant


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If you like cooking and restaurant management strategy games, Sushi Master - Cooking story is an amazing adventure that turns you into a sushi-making master so you can prepare dozens of different dishes for the customers who visit your restaurant. The best part about your restaurant, besides the sushi, is that a conveyer belt displays your best dishes.

You'll have to shape the rice and prepare the sushi in an orderly manner; make sure you grab all the elements in order and prepare high-quality pieces or your customers won't want to come back. As you continue serving the simplest dishes, your cooking skills will continue to improve and you'll be able to prepare more elaborate dishes (which will earn you more money). Amass a fortune with your sushi and become a master of this art form.

As you gain more and more customers, your income will continue to increase as well. Make sure you earn tips quickly so you can improve your business too. In this adventure, you'll have a limited amount of ingredients so you'll also have to manage your kitchen well and replace ingredients without wasting too much time because your customers won't appreciate it. Time management is key.

On the other hand, once you've got a good number of delicious dishes, you'll have to manage their placement on the conveyor belt. Keep in mind that the customers that grab the sushi plates first will keep them and those who are furthest away from you may run out of patience. Keep every aspect of your restaurant under control, make the most delicious sushi in town and amass a fortune.
By Beatriz Escalante